Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sometimes a Vinyl EP is All About the Cover

A few treats have come home to hang around on my turntable is the past couple of weeks.
Sometimes a picture sleeve can be as good as the record (sometimes better!)

Amongst the collection I now have the lovely Roberta Flack - could I resist this cover, I think not:

An Australian EP, it of course features one of her most famous songs (First Time Ever... and then you snored... heh heh) and a rather forgettable duet of You've Lost That Loving Feeling, which was never such a great song in its first outing (by whomever sang it - don't tell me cause I'm not interested - oh, it was those 2 blokes, one had a really deep voice & they wore beige polyester suits...) Doesn't matter, I would've bought the single of her First Time Ever... but having it for the same price as a rare EP is fab... and, wow, that hair!

Then... sigh... :

An obscure New Zealand EP from 1967 or 68 in fabulous nick - Phillips obviously banking on the popularity of her BBC 1966-67 television show (the photo is from the show) but such a groovy telly!

Phillips brand of course...

- featuring 3 previous A-side singles (Give Me Time 1967, What's it Gonna Be 1967, Wishin' and Hopin' 1964 - USA not UK) they named it My Colouring Book - a B-side from 1964 - who knows how Phillips execs worked then.
One of the nice things in Australia that not only did we get Dusty's UK releases (Her "Where Am I Going" Australian release LP is even a better mix than the UK LP - and it was never released in the USA) but we also got the USA only releases as well but often with different covers.

anyways to fly a little way - 20 years - into the future - I also picked up an English pressing of Nina Hagen's "African Reggae" 45 with picture sleeve - another Parramatta Road bargain:


So, that's an Australian release by an American, a New Zealand release by a Brit and an English release by a German

== then there's the Skunk Records Luxemburg EP release of a punk rock benefit compilation (Amore & Anarchia) with 4 bands from... all over the joint and the vinyl is yellow - see:

A1 Toxkäpp Märder
A2 Subway Arts Bow To No One
B1 Bakunin's Children Bart Simpson
B2 D'Rotzbouwen Intro / Subcaos
- I'd call it more earthy punk rather than hardcore but it packs a punch when played loud loud and made a very work-weary AH happy the other night when I became home DJ & played my new find before revisiting The Frumpies and a splash of 7 Year Bitch (the later on CD)...


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