Friday, 28 August 2009

Number Five Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Nine

(POSTSCRIPT - 29 September 2009 - Oh pooh, the short life of a rating in the speedy world of the internet - my ranking today is now 16054
POSTSCRIPT 10 October - now it's in the 500s - I love the site once again...
POSTSCRIPT Later that month - spent over a week at number 1 & to date at 2 November am at No.2 - has it generated any fine art photograph sales? no but I think someone from Latvia is nicking off with some digital copies...)

That's number 5779 out of 10,000 of the best websites worldwide - gosh!
my website is on the site: Top 10,000

According to their site: is a compilation of the best websites on the Internet. We scan thousands of websites daily to provide users with the most up to date information.

annnd, people can write glowing reviews (hint hint, begging now...)

"Best" websites - yaye!

gosh, best I update my website... it's been a couple of months... a few

I would also like to point out that the site is my design, not the embedded hosts that put the framework together after which I spent 45 hours getting to look like it does. This is what an artist can do on a minimum (read: nil!) budget and by learning a basic CMS, one is also able to be in control and upload or change anytime.

Can't upload a new post with just script so here's a new photo:

sort of matches the subject...

Camperdown 25 August around midday - a bit of a trick to work it out but it's the straight shot as I saw it and I was standing when I took the shot, not squatting in a gutter.
Maybe that lets on I'm a shortarse...

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