Friday, 7 August 2009

Buying Records in Kings Cross

I worked a few hours in Screen Australia this week - the offices are in William Street, Woolloomooloo (spell that word 3x fast) with fabulous views overlooking The Domain & Woolloomooloo Wharf.

After paper shuffling for a bit, I made my escape and visited a back room of a Kings Cross bookshop - no, not a porn peep show but a room full of a couple thousand records neatly shelved with a fair amount of order along with a flash turntable & speakers to play potential purchases.

Two of the records I would've bought unheard just for their fabulous covers (good thing they sound OK too)

This 1950s Barbara Carroll Trio is a real treat - her piano playing is jazz perfect.

Barbara Carroll is now 84 years old.
Seems jazz players either die early (her double bass player, Joe Shulman died at 33)or seem to live forever (herself as example and Dave Brubeck is 89!)
Rummaging some more, I find an original Tamla Motown 'chartbusters' compilation LP

What else did I find... Well a very young Peggy Lee, Earl Grant making good jazz with an organ (yeah, get down!) and an excellent 1964 Della Reese...

but then I found in stunning condition:


Shirley Abicair and her Zither looking seductive on the telly.

On the record she sings and plays up a storm - wow (best not to overdo it... maybe that's why the record is in such good condition...)

but what is that in the shorts of little boy on the left... maybe just a little too much starch (if you click on the picture, it will enlarge for a better rear of the shorts view)

As with all Phillips artists depicted on telly (Fontana was a Phillips company), the television is a top model Phillips brand - you may recall a previous blog with a Phillips telly on the cover

and here's a perfect example of what Shirley has to offer:

have a listen - it's Shirley!

Shirley Abicair hails from Melbourne but worked in America and the UK for a long time. She has played with Larry Adler, toured the Soviet Union (1962) and had her own London theatre show (in 1969)She is in her late 70s and is reportedly still globe trotting.

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