Sunday, 16 August 2009

After The Cheerleaders - revisiting Enmore

Sunday 3 or more years ago, I took a winter walk with a camera loaded with black & white film to see if I could find some good shots - one from that productive day I called "Cheerleaders" Enmore - after the paste up paper image of cheerleaders next a doorway here it is (a crop of the original negative):

This Sunday today, I've just finished working on an image - this time colour / cross-processed slide film - took a while and my eyes are dry from the computer monitor (would help if I didn't get so distracted in Wikipedia, IMDb, Ebay, Youtube... oh, and googling me - but I couldn't find the soft porn lesbian (fake straight chicks of course - Kak!) German webpage that has a link to my website... yeah, I don't fucken' know either)

== on with the art moment - here's Cheerleaders re-visited Winter 2009:

think I'll call it 'After The Cheerleaders"

I'm really pleased with this shot & AH has given it her seal of feedback approval.
(love the alien shadow on the footpath at the left too...)

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