Friday, 9 October 2009

New exhibition...maybe (- part 2)

Re Wednesday's blog - mentioned it to AH - but I got stroppy because any reaction except for cheering sounds like negativity when I'm thinking out my next/current/past - any personal - work... I began with the title 'close to home' no, 'home?' hmmm "Burb?"
Burb ...
sounds good.
So, that's the working title and likely the title and now I've named, no one else is allowed to use it, ok?

Speaking of 'burbs' it's bucketing rain at this moment, which means the builders next door have to go home  

did I say next door? how about right above my head where I am working... then there's the guy that keep walking on the roof - our roof.  "Oh sorry," he says, "Did I give you a fright?"

no, just get off the fucking roof will you


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