Sunday, 25 October 2009

Still Life at Midday Sunday

I repeat myself when under stress I repeat myself when under stress I repeat myself when under stressI repeat myself when under stress I repeat...
- anything in repititon has me reciting the above lyrics by King Crimson - (*here's) the song but you don't hear that line unless you let it play 2 thirds through -
*Postscript February 2010 - the link to the Youtube clip was removed and the only other version I could find was a live one but it's not such a good version - a bit over acted so I'm not replacing the "removed due to (some) violation"

but I'm not saying why I have the same 8 copies of the National Geographic

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Spooky #4

shop window Parramatta Road, Camperdown the night before they cluttered it up

Monday, 19 October 2009

Spooky #3

more like - gosh, this looks like a job for Dr Who!

ouch, right in my eye (oh dear, my third eye!!)

Holy card bought in collectables shop yesterday - a bargain at 50c

there wasn't any other script on it - the back is blank, not even a prayer to recite in order to stave off Christian guilt

Monday, 12 October 2009

Friday, 9 October 2009

New exhibition...maybe (- part 2)

Re Wednesday's blog - mentioned it to AH - but I got stroppy because any reaction except for cheering sounds like negativity when I'm thinking out my next/current/past - any personal - work... I began with the title 'close to home' no, 'home?' hmmm "Burb?"
Burb ...
sounds good.
So, that's the working title and likely the title and now I've named, no one else is allowed to use it, ok?

Speaking of 'burbs' it's bucketing rain at this moment, which means the builders next door have to go home  

did I say next door? how about right above my head where I am working... then there's the guy that keep walking on the roof - our roof.  "Oh sorry," he says, "Did I give you a fright?"

no, just get off the fucking roof will you


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

New exhibition in the making...maybe

I've been going through images & negatives and have come up with the working title "Close to Home" for all the images I've taken in the last while in and around places I've lived in the Inner West of Sydney.

Below - the pie & drinks trailer for the Emu Plains Soccer Club was parked in Newtown a few years ago.  Not something I could easily walk past.

Spooky #2

Doolin - west coast of Ireland (October 2000).  No ghosts here but no paved road - this 500+ year old church & graveyard is off a long walking track - all tall, wet grass, slushy path (the waterproof treatment wore off my shoes the day before...) & brambles.  In the grounds the thick grass hides large holes where graves have sunk - not so much spooky as scary if you don't look where you're walking - that and the occasional stone that falls from the church wall.

Looking at this has prompted me to get some black & white film out of the fridge & load up a camera (stay tuned). 

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Stand by your man (till you can stand it no more)

check out this advert a friend sent me (click on it & have a read)

Lysol as a 'feminine hygiene' product -this is a true advertisement.

Her husband is being indifferent towards her so she's told the cause is she pongs.

Lysol, toxic to fish & other creatures I'm sure, was a useful suicide tool, so the thought of using an old rubber bladder with hose filled with Lysol to flush out one's uterus & vagina is beyond me to find a singular word to describe my reaction.

Hopefully she knows to dilute it but if she believes this advert she's pretty bloody stupid.

Where Lysol can be very useful for her if hubby still won't let her sit on his lap and well, really her life is over. Forget turning to vodka or gin - a quick scull of everyone's household favourite, Lysol and her fame will be forever linked with poets and industrial leaders' wives.

Death by Lysol:

English poet, Charolette Mew in 1928
American 'singing' poet, Vachel Lindsay in 1931
Mrs Eleanor Lawson in 1921 (wife of the president of the Allman Gas & Machine Co USA)
and, of course it is the slow death favourite by the dispossessed and poor alcoholics.

Perhaps William Burroughs suggested using Lysol as a douche - although he was more into women using a popular brand of cola (can't remember which book - The Naked Lunch, Nova Express & Junky all merge into the same images of puss and disgust - hmmm, it was likely Nova Express, the most graphic of the 3 me thinks - I read them over 20yrs ago).
 Likely it was one of the promo men with a particular fear dislike of women that thought it would be good. Love and marriage is all about pleasing your man.
 (excuse me while I find a paper bag to yell/vomit into before committing gratuitous acts of heterocide)

love and marriage

she'll soon be using Lysol to hang onto her man...

Hyde Park Sydney Australia 2001 - The groom had a destination fixed in his head as he and his bride were being photographed on 'their day'.  I watched as she battled with her frock & shoes through the heavy mulch in the garden area following his lead.  He did not look back once. Paved walking areas are all over the park.  Such a nice start to a life partnership.

Friday, 2 October 2009


I've been trying to find a particular negative - found it after looking for, oh about 2 hours... and along the way I've scanned up some old images such as the above.

This local front door, somewhere in Newtown, I spotted in Spring 2001 - seeing as it's October - season of eallra hālgena ǣfen - (All Hallows’ eve) well, one day really but may as well spook the whole month through.  31st Oct is also All Saints Day - so the word bubble 'help' could be anyone trapped in some foolish religion...

(Ilford HP5 black & white film)