Sunday, 5 September 2010

the photo that broke my lomo camera

creepy big entrance to Luna Park Sydney from a couple of years ago - film ripped up in my little camera & this is the shot that did it as you can see through the top 3rd of the image. The camera has been untrustworthy ever since; often only exposing half a roll.  It's expensive and frustrating so I've put it in the bulk lot to sell.

And I've been a slacker blogger - doing a new day job that ate into art feeding time but I've settled a bit now and will be blog happy once more.
to come: art notes on Rebecca Clarke's new play shortlisted for the Qld Premier's Award / Edwina Wrobel & her art / Love on the Left Bank by Ed Van Der Elsken: thoughts on a classic.

image © Anne Bentley