Sunday, 19 July 2009

Cool Jazz and Serendipity

I was feeling like the coolest ear on earth when I noodled about in ebay and scored this Dave Brubeck Quartet In Europe (live) picture cover 45 with Joe Morello on one of the best jazz drum solos during Watusi Drums

You wouldn't think him such a fabulous drummer to look at him - one could mistake him for an accountant but have a look at this gem of a drum solo - he makes it look so easy... even as he pushes his "bottom of bottles" spectacles up, he doesn't miss a beat.

Today was another of those gorgeous sunny Sydney winter days so I went on a 10km walk to Rozelle & back (don't be too impressed, it was a slow walk) - on a mission to get my twin her birthday present.
Gee, the 2nd hand markets just happen to be across the road from where I bought her a present - first stall I looked at had records - a quick flick and there's Joe Morello's 1962 LP, It's About Time in "New Orthonphonic" High Fidelity. I am assured on the back by RCA monophonic records can be played on stereophonic equipped for stereophonic reproduction"

Wow, that's a relief.
So I give it a bit of a clean and pop in on the turntable and it's very cool - no big big drum solos but very nice.

As you can read, this is his first solo but a quick search will bring up reference to a 1956 album - cheeky record company. (the image is a cropped version of the sleeve because I couldn't be bothered photographing it & bunged the cover in the scanner instead)

So now all I need for this week is a copy of Barbara Lewis singing Don't Forget About Me and I'm set

(- if you click on the link you'll have to scroll down to track 14 for a sample listen) - it's an excellent version - never was a hit in 1966.

At the moment I can't be bothered to set music up on the share box music thingy and have proper music listening links here... one day maybe.
Did I mention I'm reading the biography of Nico? she was a liar

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