Saturday, 18 July 2009

Nostalgia, childhood, perfect pop and mystery singers

Brought home a cutie 45: Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) by Edison Lighthouse.
I was a little kid when this came out but like Melting Pot by Blue Mink amongst others, it is one of my favourites. It really is a fab example of perfect pop of its era - maybe now.
Do we as adults eventually revert to music, clothes and ideas we had as children that made us feel good?
I don't have any canvas beachcombers anymore but I still own some navy corduroy pants (OBVIOUSLY not the same ones I wore to the Italian wedding at the age of 7 or 8 with a maroon waistcoat - I loved that outfit). there's a flannie shirt about and yes, I have a maroon waistcoat - not velvet but... Then there's the salmon coloured slacks with the double eye-looking circles and the white sash belt! Loved those super dooper groovy pants from the early 70s - I don't think I could match those even bespoke.
Maybe we keep a collection of affectionate memories that sometimes spill out from where they were filed all that time ago in the mind - so one could exclaim, epiphany! so often instead of realising the memory trigger...
Like this song - story goes I sang a few lines of it after using a cosmetic that has rosemary in it. Turns out my partner had never heard the song - thought I was making it up... Thanks to YouTube, I found it & liked it so much that I went out & found a 45 that week - almost 40yrs after its release - this world is really good fun. And AH likes the song too - her first listen 39 1/2 years after it was released.

So, onto the mystery. Who is the most gorgeous guy I've seen from ages lip syncing in the clip?

(take no notice of the patched in monologue running across the bottom of the clip, it's mostly wrong but it's the best voice-video synced version I could find)

I looked them up & the singer comes up at Tony Burrows so I look him up and it's not the same guy - Tony Burrows being a bit ordinary to look at and very disappointing - well, a bit fugly really - I was expecting to see the cute one live and I'm wondering if it's one of the guitarists, Ray Dorey maybe. Naming the band members against photographs is eluding me and I'm usually an excellent net sleuth. As I was trying to find a picture that matched boy singer, the web search even came up with a photo of David Cassidy as the lead singer of this band!

ahh well, don't matter.. So - onto playing the song and that pretty, pretty fella! Not to mention that body shirt! pure polyester no doubt (armpits to be avoided within 15 minutes of putting it on)

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