Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Germans can be a bit potty (one more from my collection)

And here's the proof

This little photo (only 10cm x 6cm) was created by a Dresden photographer in 1889 to advertise Knapman's "BIG GUN" Tonic Ale.

That's some pretty clever edit work - Photomontage before the Dadaists made it their own...

I've enlarged it for viewing pleasure (click for a bigger view)

I'm liking the top hats (very Fagan / Artful Dodger) but it's the little one with her/his tongue out in the face of the clock at the top that really tickles me.

yes, babies on the pot have a lot to do with beer...

damn, Germans are fun!

No.., they really are.

And I am absolutely bias.


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