Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I had a t-shirt with this Advert written on it within an outline of Aust map - this is also where I dump on the Yobbo side of Adelaide

The t-shirt was maybe yellow and beige and I think my Mum still has a photo of me with really bad hair (a home cut maybe and probably only 11 years old) playing tippy-go in the yard (that's cricket but if you tip the ball you have to run - hence the tip & go!)
- usually we played with an old tennis racquet from the dump & a tennis ball.

I thought I was never that good at Tippy-go but one day as a mangy teenie at the beach (playing hooky no doubt) I did really well and the boys who so did not want to f**k me were almost impressed at my tippy-go ability - they almost understood respect and camaraderie through the haze of their oily hormones..
(lovely suburban Adelaide in the 1970s - they also pretended to be surfies - on flat wave Adelaide beaches!!)

Annnd, then there was, "Hey Charger" - every time you see a Chrysler Charger, you must hold 2 fingers up in the peace sign & go all sultry and say sexily, "Hey.... Charger!"
I was about to do that a few years ago while visiting Adelaide and some yobs in a hotted up car yelled, "Lesbian!"
Gee, that's tough.. and your point is?
*only in Adelaide...

*mind you, I've never been to Rooty Hill

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