Monday, 13 July 2009

Caught on film - no, sensor... umm, good art!

How do you say 'caught on film' when someone takes your photo on a digital camera?
That's me in the foreground the short one on the left with the hair & little sailor looking coat, talking to Megan's cleavage - can I say that?!!! bad, bad - best I go self-flaggelate... ahh , that's better (it looks more like I'm counting with my fingers... probably am)

I went to a group exhibition with a heavy bias on first night dips on Megan Yeo's work (I missed her last Gaffa Show and was spewing!) - I'd just got a hint about my tax returns (2 weeks and I still ain't got the bucks but - yikes, have I spent it all?) and figured there could be something there for sale so I could be challenged to create another vacant place on our wall.
And there was.

"Bring on the Ravens" by Megan Yeo - I'm bringing them home - yaye
AH reckons she may not cope with our Queen being in an in her face place so I may have to put her above the other bed... hmmm, that's an idea, best I check for a spot without loose plaster under the crappy wall paint - love an Inner West rental...

(thanks to Megan Yeo for letting me nick the images off her blog - now that I am asking post theft.. cheers cuz!)
postscript - how to work at home with a cat lying across your wrists as you type - she managed to publish this post twice before I'd finished

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