Sunday, 22 February 2009

Just when I'm contemplating future employment I see a Dumb Monkey Person

so what does one do on a Sunday when I was gunna then gunna and then some. I went for a walk around Enmore and Newtown.
On King Street Newtown, where Alice Street intersects there's a car wash. The owner of the car wash is frequently in the local paper due to council breaches and neighbour complaints.
To get customers on a Sunday (or any other day, I wonder?) he's employed someone to wear a monkey suit & wave at passing motorists. It could actually be the owner in there.
It was rather humid today and I wondered how the weather was in the suit and then I actually thought about how I could do that job - provided it was for no longer than, say once a week for say, no more than 2 hours.... just a thought.

People could call me that Dumb Monkey Person

Then again, I'm probably not the right height for the suit and I would likely have egg thrown at me or get pushed over...

(All images copyright Anne Bentley)

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