Saturday, 7 February 2009

Making a tape for Meggs Side A

I've been having great fun finding some old favourite songs.

at a shop in Erskineville (funny how I seem to make time to pop into some shops when I'm out to meet a friend).

As we sat in the yard of a pub, I showed off my treats one being one of the most fab songs released at the very end of the 1960s 'Venus' by Dutch band, Shocking Blue:

this clip is so worth it just to watch the wonderful Mariska Veres (1946-2006)

Along with that I picked up a Nancy Sinatra LP for just one song, Bang Bang (damn, I wish that was released on 45 - however I scored an excellent copy the 45 of These Boots Were Made for Walkin' from Phil at Vintage Records - love ya Phil!)

Bang Bang was written by Sonny Bono (go figure, hey.. I couldnt stand him on the Sonny & Cher show. He died 10 years ago when he hit a tree while skiing) and was the biggest 1960s hit for Cher but her rather muffled version is not a good production and not a patch on Nancy's crisp telling.
Cher also didn't do a good version of "Take Me for a Little While" - I've got to ask, knowing Dusty Springfield's version (from her "Where am I Going" album), "Why, Cher, why??"

but Cher did have a couple of gems - the one I like and collected is a fun epic:

and that will do me for Cher but I do admire her acting - Silkwood, Mask (not the comedy), Moonstruck and Mermaids (but before she acted well she did things the film clip to her Half Breed is a cracker! - remember the docile horse she's sitting on ? There's Cher in feathers, spangles and not a lot of clothes - the horse is so docile, I think it's chewing dope, not wheat)...

- where was I? I was showing AH and wonderful friend, Meggs Yeo ( my bargain purchases and we decided then I would make her some tapes of some of my 45s - home later last Sunday and a little wine under the belt saw AH and I having a great time making a fun selection for Meggs (who owns a cassette Sony Walkman - I'm a bit more into my Creative Zen mp3 thanks!)
making tapes was always fun. side A goes like this:

1. Venus by Shocking Blue (45 1969)

2. Gypsies, Tramps and Theives by Cher (45 1971)

3. Only For Sheep by The Bureau (45 1981)

4. Sugar Me by Lynsey dePaul (45 1972)

- AH has just called out, "you're not linking that to your blog are you?"
Of course I am!
Phil at Vintage Records ( let me have it for nicks when I made my other purchases, it made him cringe so much he simply couldn't not ask me to pay money for it! I had to return the next week to tell him we are still getting a kick out of it!
- everyone who does remember her remembers the mole on her top lip.
a warning, just because one song is fun, doesn't mean the B side will be ok - the B of Sugar Me is truely dreadful and we could only listen 1/3 the way in...
LdP also came 2nd in the Eurovision with some other song I don't want to ever hear again, sang a song for the British conservative party (Tory Tory Tory or something) and made a women's self defence DVD.
It is also reported that she did a tell all interview about Sean Connery after she found out he was violent with Diane Cilento and asked him to donate to a women's refuge - he refused and the money she made from the 'kiss&tell" she donated and it paid for the running costs of a women's refuge in Chiswick UK for a year.

note the floppy had matches the outfit...

5. Let's Spend The Night Together by David Bowie (45 1973)

6. Aquarius / Let The Sun Shine In by The 5th Dimension (45 1969)

7. I Can Never Go Home Anymore by The Shangri-Las (EP 1964): an hilarious piece of teen drama

8. New Toy by Lene Lovich (45 1981)

9. Counting the Beat by The Swingers (45 1980)

10. Hush by Deep Purple (45 1968) - I've had that 45 since I bought it for 5 cents at trash and treasure when I was 15 - a lifetime ago)here they are playing at Hefner's Playboy mansion. One has to ask where Rod Evans got those pants from - not a good look... (Ian Gillan became the lead vocalist in 1969)

11. The Wizard by Black Sabbath (45 1970) - B side of Paranoid another 5cent gem

12. Georgy Girl by The Seekers (45 1966) I have no idea where I got this one!

13. Lola by The Kinks (45 1970)
wish I could get The Raincoats version on vinyl but that first album of theirs sells for big bucks

14. D Days by Hazel O'Connor (45 1981) - yes, Des O'Connors daughter


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