Sunday, 24 May 2009


AH and I are back from a short visit to Adelaide.
She bought me a wonderful new coat and I've brought home souvenirs from a Saturday spent at an antiques and collectables fair in the trendy Adelaide suburb of St Peters. That was not the reason to fly to South Australia - it was more relative (and friends...).
At $4 each, these 3 Dutch postcards circa 1942 of the famous 1.5km Maas Tunnel, which opened in 1942 are a treat (didn't know what they were when I bought them, just that having a postcard of an empty tunnel tickled me)
There is a parallel tunnel to the auto tunnel for pedestrians and bicycles, I assume that's where these fabulous escalators* (above) are situated.
I often buy old postcards to send to friends & family for fun (It began with my Father sending me all sorts of quirky cards including an original 1950s Queen Elizabeth visit to Australia postcard that now lives on our fridge) but these tunnel cards are just too special to give away.
Now I have a reason to visit Holland.

(the sign is an Exit Here notice but the literal translation is "Here Go Away")

*After looking up the Masstunnel online I notice the escalators in my photo-postcard have been modernised and no longer exist...(the tunnel is a tourist attraction - I reckon for folks who are partial to a world tour of tunnel discovery and I think those people exist)

Next I may have to look for photos of factories postcards - the pleasure goes on.

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