Sunday, 3 May 2009

Why isn't this MY car??

Having always wanted an Aston Martin since I was 15 yrs old (wow, that's a while ago), I came across my dream model up for auction this weekend, well, today actually.
I don't care about it being out of rego and I'm so not looking at that puddle underneath near the rear... THAT CAR SHOULD BE MINE!
Here is (my) the actual car in the auction room this weekend: a 1954 DB2/4 Grand Tourer Mark 1 (not the Spyders or the funky DB3 )

I even got AH excited about it even though she was a little more taken with the 1958 Porche Cabriolet (and it was gorgeous)- there were some really interesting cars and motorcycles in the auction rooms and we spent some time looking in cabins and pretending we were deciding which car we really wanted to buy...
I don't have $100k to 150k to throw around so I may have to resort to a 1960s model like the DB5... that's just downright sexy... vroom (except that's a bloody James Bond car - best I add another $100K!)
Another model of my 1954 DB2/4 sold last year for $165k & in the USA, for $USD200k+ !


A cabriolet model was featured prominently in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds

Quick Tippi! put the roof back on!

Tippi Hedron's character spends a number of scenes being out-starred by my car as she drives to the quaint coastal town in pursuit of the Rod Taylor character. She doesn't get pecked by a bird until she LEAVES the DB2/4 at the docks, roof still down and takes to a dingy. hmmm. Later, driving at twilight, she parks the car and there is only one brake light - but what a star; when they grab the kid from school, surrounded by all those birds, Rod Taylor puts roof on in a flash.

And, of course being the true star of the movie, the car is immaculate, not a scratch, not a tear as they drive away from THE BIRDS!

This must have wonderful car that should belong to me has also starred in some film called Checkpoint (1956)about racing cars, The Saint (ha! show that Volvo a thing or too) and made many appearances in the 1953-57 TV series, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents

Even though I haven't driven cars or ridden a motorcycle for 15 years, when you do see me driving... well!!

postscript: OMG, OMG, it was passed in at auction. AHHHH.

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